UKRISS Final Report Released

The UKRISS final report has been released by Jisc in August and is available for download  here. Appendix 4 to the report can be downloaded separately. This comprises:

  • A spreadsheet defining the UKRISS core profile and associated vocabularies.
  • A set of examples of UKRISS reporting objects modelled in CERIF XML.

The report is also available from the Jisc project page (without the supplementary files).

The final report presents the work carried out by the UKRISS project, including requirements gathering, modelling and prototyping, as well as recommendation for sustainability. UKRISS was divided into two phases. Phase 1, mapping the reporting landscape, ran from March 2012 to December 2012. Phase 2, exploring delivery of potential solutions, began in February 2013 and ended in January 2014.

The final report covers:

  • A summary of the findings of the feasibility study, an extensive sector-wide study of requirements for research information reporting and recommendation for prototyping and development.
  • An analysis of the potential for harmonisation across RCUK research information reporting and the HE-BCI survey, definition of the UKRISS core reporting profile and associated CERIF mappings.
  • Technical proof-of-concept demonstrators for validation of compliance with the UKRISS core profile, visualisation of the model, and analysis and mining of aggregated information by virtue of the harmonised representation.
  • The UKRISS Crosswalk Connector, which was developed to show how data can be readily extracted from existing institutional systems to populate funders’ reports.
  • A preparatory business case to describe, qualitatively, for each stakeholder group, the benefits of harmonisation.
  • Recommendations to Jisc and the Research Information Management community within the HE sector for further development and sustainability.


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