UKRISS at Reconnect13

The UKRISS project is preparing for the presentation of its phase 2 results in a final workshop to be held at the British Library on November 1st, 2013. It was therefore an excellent and timely opportunity to present the current outputs and discuss with an international audience at Reconnect13 – the 2nd Annual CASRAI International Conference held in Ottawa last week. With “Big Data – The Advance of Data-driven Discovery” the conference certainly hit the mark of ongoing discussions around scientific practise and activities and the implications of changes through ‘big data’. The three main conference streams “Reconnect Big Data” – “Reconnect The Library” – “Reconnect The Machine” brought together a variety of almost 200 stakeholders involved differently in processes alongside the Research life-cycle. To summarise the concluding remarks of the audience: ReConnect13 has advanced substantially the understanding of the different components and the different roles required in the Research Ecosystem. A need for collaboration now and for contributions by all its stakeholders was stressed as crucial with ways forward. UKRISS demonstrated within the ‘Machine’ track the contribution from UK while in addition first steps have been taken towards identifying commonalities and differences between the UK and the German landscape, hence the joint presentation labelled “Machine Anatomy in UK and Germany”.

UKRISS and its particular relationships with CERIF and CASRAI was in addition presented within the CASRAI I0I workshop together with VIVO and FRIS, focusing on modeling aspects and inter-relationships between the different modeling approaches, and where further work will certainly be continued towards increased alignments.


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