UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) Project

UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) Project
UKRISS is conducting a feasibility and scoping study for the reporting of research information at a national level based on CERIF, with the objective of increasing efficiency, productivity and quality across the sector. Our aim is to define and prototype solutions which will be compelling, easy to use, have a low entry barrier, and support innovative information sharing and benchmarking.

The project
UKRISS is a 16 month project, funded by JISC, beginning on 1st March 2012. The partners are King’s College London (lead), British Library, Brunel University, Cottage Labs, euroCRIS, University of Exeter and University of Edinburgh (unfunded).

Background and objectives

The reporting of research information is a complex and expensive activity for research organisations (ROs). The UK does not currently have a national reporting infrastructure. Instead institutions are responsible for collating and submitting the required metadata to funders. This inevitably results in duplication and increased costs across the sector.
The UKRISS project will perform a detailed feasibility study of the requirements for a national research information management service, which will provide an integrated approach to the gathering, analysis and dissemination of this information as required by funders.
The project will review the sustainability options for such a service and to and make appropriate recommendations for its long-term viability, including a close examination of the potential for scalability to a national production system.

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