The View from Brunel

Dr Rosa Scoble and Lorna Mitchell from Brunel University join the UKRISS Project Board having previously run the JISC-funded BRUCE project that developed a prototype tool (SolrEyes), based on CERIF, that facilitated the analysis and reporting of research information from data sources that are already in use at HEIs.

Dr Scoble, the Deputy Director, Planning (Research and Resources), has a PhD on the RAE and was the Director of RAE2008 at Brunel bringing expertise on the management of research information, the coordination of HESA data returns and planning in preparation for REF2014 to the UKRISS Project team.  Lorna Mitchell is the Assistant Director (Academic Support) in Brunel University Library and was the project manager for the BRUCE project.

The results of RAE2008 confirmed Brunel University’s status as a research intensive university with 82% of staff conducting research of international standing and 10% as world class.  The University was ninth in the UK in terms of its overall funding increase. The ongoing development of the quality and quantity of research now being carried out at the University has driven the development of effective research information management procedures and processes and we hope to bring this expertise to the UKRISS project.

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