The Exeter perspective

Dr Steve Trowell, Research Systems Project Manager at the University of Exeter, is a member of the UKRISS project board and brings knowledge of research processes and detailed understanding of systems integration and information management. Steve is responsible for the implementation of RMAS, a £1.1m JISC-funded research system project, at Exeter. Many of the techniques and technology developed for RMAS may prove useful to UKRISS as the project develops. For example, alongside RMAS partners at the Universities of Sunderland and Kent, Steve and the Exeter technical team are working closely with euroCRIS and CASRAI to expand the CERIF data and messaging standards to enable research information to be exchanged in standardised ways, both internally and also between Institutions.

As lead for RMAS, Exeter has made rapid progress in research system development. Our internal research systems development programme aims to bring the infrastructure up to world-class standard over a 3 year period. This has become a business priority as the research activity at Exeter has doubled since 2007 with ambitious plans for further growth, and efficient research systems are clearly essential to enable this expansion. The in-house expertise that has been created as part of this programme has been critical to the success of RMAS and we hope it will prove useful to other JISC-funded projects, such as UKRISS.

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