The British Library – why are we involved?

Dr Allan Sudlow and Dr Karen Walshe, who represent the British Library on the UKRISS project board, having been recently been involved in two JISC-funded projects –  The Embedded Research Information Manager and Patients Participate.

Collectively, Allan and Karen have backgrounds in biomedical research, funding, strategy and policy development. As part of their work for the Science Team at the British Library, they have been involved in  several studies to capture information behaviours across the life sciences, to examine information handling in  collaborative research, and to gather requirements for a range of online service developments. They are part of the team at the Library that is responsible for the partnership to deliver UK PubMed Central – the free-to-access archive of biomedical research with  25 million+ abstracts,  2 million+ full text research articles and related data, grant and research information resources. This team is also taking a lead for the UK on data discovery, access and citation through DataCite.

Karen and Allan hope to bring their experience of research information management, service development, stakeholder engagement, requirements capture, and information behaviour studies to inform delivery of the UKRISS project.

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