Second UKRISS Steering Board Meeting

The UKRISS Steering Board met for the second time on Monday 2nd July at the Wellcome Trust in London.  Following on from their relatively short initial meeting in May, the second meeting was a 5-hour marathon during which the Board reviewed the progress that had been made to date with the project which had included the completion of the landscape study and stakeholder analysis.  The Board noted the value that would be achieved if the  project could clarify the current landscape in order to highlight issues around the management and sharing of research information across the sector.

The Board also reviewed the preliminary findings of the requirements gathering exercise that is underway.  The diversity of the requirements being identified was discussed and the Board noted the need for best practice to be identified in terms of reporting requirements and procedures and that this would be another useful outcome from the project.

The final part of the meeting saw the Board discuss 4 key questions for the project – where should PI’s report their results (i.e. to funders, institutions, etc), where do commercial publishers fit into the system, how can information reporting for future REF exercises be harmonised with other research reporting and how do we improve the governance of research reporting across the sector?  While there are no easy answers to any of these questions (if there were there would be no need for UKRISS!) the Board came up with ideas and suggestions that will now be taken forward by the Project Team.

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