Project Team Meeting, BL, 22 June 2012

This is a summary of the discussions at the Project Team Meeting at the British Library on 22nd June.

Requirements Gathering

The progress of requirements gathering interviews is:

  • Most of the Steering Group members have now been interviewed or had interview dates scheduled
  • Brunel has officially been interviewed, and Project Snowball will be interviewed in August. Plans are now to go ahead and interview further HEIs
  • CRIS vendors are being approached for interview; some at-desk reviews of software systems will also be done
  • Research Council interviews have taken place, with information captured around ROS and Gateway to Research.

Now we have some interviews complete we will start to analyse the results of one interview to develop an approach which can then be applied consistently to all interviews.

Technical Review

Technical review is required of the state of the art of CERIF. We need to look at projects done so far: IRIOS, CIA, MICE, BRUCE, RMAS

Programme Meeting

The project will be in attendance at JISC RIM meeting June 27-28.

Steering Board

Next steering board meeting 02/07

Documents for inclusion at board meeting:

  • Summary of interviews
  • Brief requirements gathering methodology
  • Preliminary interview outcomes
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