Project Board Meeting Minutes 22nd May 2012

On 22nd May we had our 4th project board meeting since the start of the project in March. From this point on we’ll be posting summaries of the outcomes of those meetings to this blog.

Feedback from SB Meeting

The project team was updated on the feedback from the Steering Board meeting as detailed in the previous post. Their key feedback was that whatever solution the UKRISS project recommends it should rely on the re-use of existing infrastructure and not increase the reporting burden on institutions.

The next Steering Board meeting will be in early July, by which time the project will have preliminary results of stakeholder interviews.

Progress on requirements

We are currently in the process of scheduling requirements gathering interviews with stakeholders, which will take place over the coming months. There will be a blog post shortly outlining the plan for the stakeholder interviews. The interviewee categories are:

  • Steering Group – members of the Steering Board
  • Funders – umbrella organisations will be sought for smaller funders
  • HEI – umbrella organisations are: Russell group, 1994 group, Million+, GuildeHE, Alliance and Non Aligned
  • Existing projects – including JISC funded
  • Vendors
  • International developments.

Technical Review

We have extracted from the Landscape study (to be published shortly) a list of all technology that is related to the project, vendors and services. This is a lot of technology, so the project team spent some time identifying the priorities in the list, which will be the first to be reviewed. The review criteria would include (but is not limited to) the APIs, standards, scope of functionality, business model and installation base

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