Landscape survey

We have now completed a survey of current use of CERIF in a number of projects and products. Those we examined were:-

Gateway to Research
CERIF for Datasets

Of these, four Pure, Gateway to Research, CERIF for Datasets and IRIOS employ CERIF, although Pure do not make their CERIF data structures publicly available. The projects we looked at have very different approaches to the elements used and the levels of granularity they employ. Details can be found in the landscape survey spreadsheet and accompanying notes. The notes are reproduced in the next post.

In addition, we looked at the use of vocabularies by these projects, and what others are available. EuroCRIS themselves publish a list of about 450 terms in a number of classification schemes. Otherwise the most extensive scheme available is that published by ROS which covers publications, other research outputs, collaboration and partners, further funding, staff development, dissemination, intellectual property and exploitation, awards/recognition and impact. Information on these dictionaries and vocabularies can be found in the landscape survey accompanying notes.

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