Landscape Report

The project, in phase one, has to determine the feasibility of a national research information
reporting service including scope and technical design. Activities in this area have grown
substantially in the past period at a national, international or trans-national level. Therefore, part of
phase one is a landscape study to review the current state of projects and developments is this area
with the aim to integrate findings and ensure that the outcomes of the feasibility studies will
integrate with projects currently under development especially in the UK. This background
information will then be integrated with the stakeholder analysis and should provide the platform
to determine essential and highly desirable features as well as knowledge of what is technically
feasible and achievable

The study is organised in three parts:

  1. Collation of a list of items containing: current/recent projects and developments in the sector
    and systems for the exchange and reporting of research information
  2. Classification of key characteristics for each item in the landscape list to develop a ‘landscape
    study’ taxonomy
  3. Use of the taxonomy for the identification of the most significant activities that will help
    develop the integration framework for UKRISS

The analysis of the current landscape focuses on a number of areas. For each area, a number of
items will be selected to best represent developments and requirements. The analysis itself will be
performed in different ways to fit with the type of item:

  • Technical/software types will be reviewed through desktop analyses, interviews with
    developers/vendors and interviews with users
  • Standards will be reviewed by looking at the scope and nature of the applications and
    through interviews with users of the standards
  • CRIS systems will be compared for functionality. Interviews with users will focus on the
    strengths and weaknesses
  • Statutory reporting systems will be reviewed by contrasting funders requirements and
    needs with research institutions burden of reporting and perceptions on usefulness and

The full text of the first version of the landscape study is available here: UKRISS – Landscape report – v01. Note that throughout the project this document may be updated, and the most recent version will always be available on the deliverables page.

If you feel anything has been missed from the landscape study, we’d be very happy to hear from you – please leave comments at the bottom of this post.

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