Cottage Labs and UKRISS

Cottage Labs are represented in the UKRISS project by Richard Jones, a founder member of the organisation. Cottage Labs is an HE focussed R&D software collective with expertise in research information and library and information systems, and we are pleased to be involved in the UKRISS project.

We previously worked with Brunel on the BRUCE project and wrote the software that was one of the project’s output (SolrEyes), which focussed on providing a flexible and effective research reporting tool based on the use of search technology over a CERIF dataset. Richard, additionally, has previously worked with Symplectic, a major UK vendor of a research information system (Elements), as well as having extensive experience in repository systems and the linking of repositories and CRIS systems.

Cottage Labs, therefore, brings a lot of technical experience to the project which we will use to aid in requirements gathering and design of a nationally focussed technical infrastructure.

We feel that this project is very important because there can only be benefits from harmonising our approaches to managing and understanding the research landscape: overall cost savings to the sector, improved technical infrastructure, reduced burden on those who have to actually report on the research being done, and a consistent way of benchmarking across HE.

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