Appendices to the UKRISS Feasibility Study

As part of the first phase of this project, we published a feasibility and scoping study with the aim of presenting an overview of the research reporting landscape, and defining the options for phase 2. The background research for the report included carrying out interviews with key stakeholders, and technical reviews of commercial CRIS systems and existing national research information systems. While the results of this research are summarised in the report, some readers may find it useful to view the datasets on which the report was based. These have been included in separate appendices which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Appendix A: UKRISS Project Background

Appendix B: Stakeholder Matrix

Appendix C: Landscape Study

Appendix D: Technology Review

Appendix E: Question Set

Appendix F: Participant Consent Form

Appendix G: Drivers and Driver Aggregation

Appendix H: Full set of requirements

Appendix I: Classification of Stakeholders and Requirements

Appendix L: Data Management Guidelines

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